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This is one of the most used iOS photo editor and a very reliable iPhone photo editor who not only works in iPhone but also in iPad and iPod touch. You’ll also be able to check the battery level of your child’s phone and browse a summary of who they’ve been texting and calling. While a summary of call and text data is available in your monthly bill, Smart Family offers it up in a mobile app that you can check at any time. The service comes with a monthly fee, but it does look quite comprehensive. Look for one that allows you to flag or block certain apps, websites and contacts – for example, Net Nanny or Qustodio. Texts and calls. Today the most important conversations between children and teens happen via text messages, which is why the ability to track incoming and outgoing texts is one of the essential features to look for. Be sure to have open and ongoing conversations with your children about the importance of responsible device usage, so they don’t immediately scheme to get rid of whatever app you install, or find some clever workarounds. Citing a need for increased parental controls when it comes to kids and smartphone usage, Verizon has launched a new subscription service called Smart Family, which is says is an evolution of the old FamilyBase.

Verizon says you can even block or allow individual apps and contacts on the phone. The company now claims that apps with MDM can leave your personal data vulnerable and open to exploitation by hackers, hence the purging of parental control apps from the App Store. Here you can find everything there is to know about Parental Control & Kid Tracker and millions of other apps. After setting of your child’s Screen Time limits, their device will start collecting data about which apps they’ve used, as well as when and for how long. It is well known for enabling the user with the feature of DND. It does have the feature of warning you from attending to any unwanted calls and also it maintains a directory which has the list of all the unwanted callers. It is a phone directory which keeps the records of all the calls and numbers from across the globe. It’s an age where the people are more often attached with their social networking sites, emails, and text messages and of course calls. According to Dr. Shimi Kang, a Vancouver-based psychiatrist and parenting author, it’s recommended that kids under the age of 18 should only have two hours of screen time outside of educational purposes.

As with FamilyBase, you can use the Smart Family app to limit screen time and set content filters so your kids can’t visit the darker corners of the internet on their devices. You see what sites they have visited, if they have attempted to visit any restricted sites, and you can easily block, allow, or otherwise restrict content. Videos are subject to the Verizon Fios Community Terms of Service and User Guidelines and contains content that is not created by Verizon. User should be able to listen to the call live and record. This application helps the user in blocking the number of any caller whether it’s initiated from the landline or the mobile set. You can even set a number of schedules for disabling or locking phones on different days or different times. You can set screen time limits via the parental control app on your phone, or just pause the internet on your kid’s phone. 4.99 per month. With this basic subscription, you’ll have access to tools that allow you to pause the internet connection to your child’s device, regardless of if it’s a WiFi or mobile data connection.

Parents have access to reports on call and text activity, but the location reporting feature will cost extra. With Premium, you can track the GPS location of your child’s device and even set up geofencing boundaries, which will send you a notification when your child leaves the area you’ve designated. If for some reason, the GPS chip can’t get a signal, they system will attempt to locate your phone with the nearest cell phone tower. Our human visual system has a built in color adjustment. A useful parental service which could be used to protect iPhone (or other iOS powered gadgets such as iPad) mobile devices is Netsanity. The research team—which includes co-author Cynthia Bennett, a UW human-centered design and engineering doctoral student—rated four iPhone glucose monitoring apps (iBGStar, Glooko Logbook, Telcare, iGluco) and five blood pressure monitoring apps (iHealth BP Monitor, Withings, iBP, myVitali, Digifit). Smart Family includes features to limit not only what the kids do on their phone, but how much they can use it.